What Is Restaurant Franchising?

Sunny Stree

There are two main models of running a restaurant: independent ownership and franchising. Independent ownership pretty much speaks for itself. The owner creates the concept, the marketing, the training, the design, the menu, everything. But what is franchising? How is it different? Franchising is investing in a model that is tried and true, where everyone is striving for success and does their part to contribute. The franchisor handles the ins and outs of marketing, strategic branding, laying down the tedious protocols that are essential to any successful business, menu research and creation, and general support. See our article the 6 Essential Traits of a Successful Restaurant here. Basically the franchisor covers nearly all of the things that make owning a restaurant tiresome and are liable to burn an owner out. The franchisee is responsible for the day to day operations of their restaurant, hiring and training staff, and sales generation (to name a few). While franchisees are not owners, they are investing in a system. Other franchisees are not the competition.  All the franchisees are contributing to the overall brand awareness and success of the franchise, which in turn leads to greater sales and a healthier bottom line for each individual restaurant. Utilizing the operating system of the franchisor and working to boost the overall image and awareness of the brand means the franchisee is well on their way to being successful. And that’s what franchising is: being part of a vibrant, supportive community where everyone is working towards success. To learn more about Sunny Street Café, visit our Franchise homepage.


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