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      Why Sunny Street Café

      Why looking into a Sunny Street Café franchise will get your coffee goin’.

      sunny street caféWith impressive year-over-year sales growth, Sunny Street Café is the next big opportunity in the breakfast and lunch lifestyle franchise segment. As big corporate breakfast chains fall out of favor, the breakfast and lunch franchise is quickly extending the branches of its family tree by offering entrepreneurs simplified operations, in-depth support, and attractive lifestyle benefits.

      “The breakfast franchise category is the fastest-growing segment in the restaurant industry, and Sunny Street Café stands out as a truly family-owned franchise company,” said CEO and President Scott Moffitt. “Within communities, these restaurants become a place for business meetings, family get-togethers, and weekend brunches. Especially now, as the main national chains die out, like IHOP and Bob Evans, emerging, more community-driven franchises like Sunny Street Café are here to fill that void.”

      Over the years, the Sunny Street Café team has aimed to perfect the breakfast/lunch business model, offering operators attractive hours of 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM, flexible lifestyle benefits, a simplified business model, and a low-risk, high-reward opportunity. But that doesn’t mean the company has rested on its laurels — the team continues to innovate and find ways to position restaurants for greater success.

      Today, consumers are more eager than ever to enjoy community-driven restaurant experiences and Sunny Street Café is giving franchisees a unique opportunity to cater to that demand with one of the few family-owned-and-operated breakfast franchises in the industry.

      Quick Facts

      Our Story

      In 2007, restaurant industry veteran Michael J. Stasko, the co-founder and owner of a 30-year-old restaurant equipment sales and consulting company, decided to venture into franchising as a way to work alongside his daughter and two sons. After signing a territory agreement with a breakfast franchise in Ohio, Stasko decided to double down and purchase the entirety of the company, changing its name to Sunny Street Café. Today, led by multiple generations of the Stasko family, including VP of Brand Strategy Mike Stasko, the Columbus-based breakfast and lunch restaurant has grown to 22 corporate and franchised restaurants throughout the U.S. Now, the team is ready to pick up growth and is looking for qualified, passionate franchisees who are eager to build generational wealth for their own families by investing in a family-owned and community-driven restaurant.

      Sunny Street Café has continued to grow year after year over the past decade-and-a-half. “There is a recession-resistance to this business — when the recession hit, we had to take a step back and really concentrate on optimizing our operations,” said Moffitt. “The Staskos were walking in their franchisees’ shoes, they had skin in the game. Now, franchisees are making more money because we faced hardships early on as we were trying to grow.”

      our culture

      Food that makes your day better. In a place that makes you feel comfortable.

      What is Franchising

      New to the franchise industry? We’ve got you covered.

      There are two main models of running a restaurant: independent ownership and franchising. Independent ownership pretty much speaks for itself. The owner creates the concept, the marketing, the training, the design, the menu, everything. But what is franchising? How is it different? Franchising is investing in a model that is tried and true, where everyone is striving for success and does their part to contribute. The franchisor handles the ins and outs of marketing, strategic branding, laying down the tedious protocols that are essential to any successful business, menu research and creation, and general support.

      Basically, the franchisor covers nearly all of the things that make owning a restaurant tiresome and are liable to burn an owner out. The franchisee is responsible for the day to day operations of their restaurant, hiring and training staff, and sales generation (to name a few). While franchisees are not owners, they are investing in a system. Other franchisees are not the competition. All the franchisees are contributing to the overall brand awareness and success of the franchise, which in turn leads to greater sales and a healthier bottom line for each individual restaurant.

      Utilizing the operating system of the franchisor and working to boost the overall image and awareness of the brand means the franchisee is well on their way to being successful. And that’s what franchising is: being part of a vibrant, supportive community where everyone is working towards success.

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