There’s never been a better time to start a breakfast & lunch franchise – as the world craves experiences over ‘stuff’.

Sunny Stree

Do any kind of research on our younger living generations and you’ll find that today’s mindset is that buying stuff is the stuff of the past – and that NOTHING can substitute experience. Success has been redefined and Experiences make us happier.

And luckily for us, this cultural reality has been a massive positive for the restaurant industry as a whole.

A new shirt, easily forgotten.

A new appliance, easily forgotten.


Conversations over breakfast with a best friend? Impactful.

Saturday morning traditions of omelets and dinosaur pancakes with your kids? Forever lasting.

The moment may pass, but the memory and story to tell will not.

Along this same level of thinking are humans cashing in their 9-5 jobs and saying “no thanks” to their cozy cubicles… in search of a new career that brings both finances and fulfillment. 

If that’s you, it might be worth having a chat about starting a Sunny Street Cafe franchise.

  • Financially, the breakfast franchise category is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry. We’ve set up a scenario where our franchise owners can take a hold of their future and financial ceiling.
  • Fulfillment wise, a breakfast and lunch joint is packed with positives. Your day ends after lunch. You only have to staff one shift a day. And the menu is incredibly easy and doesn’t demand an executive chef.

You’ll find a high financial ceiling.

Providing what culture is craving… experiences.

While allowing you to keep fulfillment at the forefront of your life as well.

Welcome to Sunny Street Cafe.


If you’ve been thinking about taking control of your future or maybe starting a future for your kids or someone you love, the Sunny Street Cafe opportunity is piping hot.

We’d love the chance to have a conversation with you.

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