Start my own franchise — And make my work-life easier? Ummm. Yes Please.

Sunny Stree

If you knew starting your own restaurant would give you greater control of your work life, time, sanity and finances — you’d be like, “Where do I sign?” But of course, logically, FEAR exists. Will I fail? Will I make money? Will it be too much work? Or, when it comes to cooking, “Shoot, I could screw up toast.” Sunny Street Cafe has become a Future 50 Restaurant Franchise for one big reason — we make it crazy easy. How easy? Over easy. You’re welcome. Here’s why it’s so easy:

  • One of the best parts of owning a Sunny Street Cafe is that you only have to staff one shift a day.  The same staff covers breakfast & lunch —simplifying your load when it comes to hiring proficient staff, covering absences, dealing with payroll and creating consistency for clients and workers. Imagine owning a business you can walk away from after lunch, pick your kids up from school or coach your kids’ soccer team. Too good to be true?  Nah.
  • We’ve got the food prep streamlined to a simple science. It’s a fantastically tasty but simple and straightforward menu. You will not have to hire an executive chef, which gives you greater flexibility and more money in your pocket. It’s arguably harder than making toast, but not that much harder.
  • We’ve put a lot of work into our setup and training process. You’ll be schooled (the enjoyable type of school) on everything from food to financials to choosing a location to marketing. You will not be left alone on any detail unless you want to be.
Owning a Sunny Street Cafe is not just easy.  It’s SMART. The breakfast and lunch category is HOT yet poorly under served in the restaurant category. Life is chaotic and complicated.  Owning a Sunny Street Cafe franchise is not.  

If you’ve been thinking about taking control of your future or maybe starting a future for your kids or someone you love, this Sunny Street Cafe opportunity is piping hot.

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