Building Community With Personalized Franchising

Sunny Stree

Creating a family and community environment is a core value for Sunny Street Café, and part of creating that welcoming feel is regionalization and personalization. No two Sunny Street Cafés are exactly the same. Download our “Why Sunny Street” PDF to learn more. We encourage you to put a personal stamp on your Sunny Street because after all, it’s your restaurant. Restaurants develop a decor package that suits the vibe of their community. Wall art with local sports memorabilia, a custom chalk board for kids, posters from nearby schools, and pictures from a local photographer are all examples of franchisees who have added a personal touch to their restaurant. Custom promotions are a given, allowing you the opportunity to reach your community on your terms and in your words. We have custom fundraising packages that allow you to partner up with local groups to assist them beyond just monies given. Restaurants have had great success with our "Pancake Dinner" fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting a youth sports program or church group. We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative and encourage your input to make it possible. This isn’t a company where you’ll never meet the president or talk to the director. After all, we get some of our best ideas from our franchise community, and that’s what we really strive to create: a community. Learn more about franchising with Sunny Street Café.


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